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Manufacturer & Trading Combo. ISO Family, OEKO, UL, SMETA, CE, Disney Certificated.

Main Products

OEM/ODM Available, customized package available.

Baby Care

Baby Care

Baby Diaper, Baby Pull-Up Pant, Baby Swimming Pant
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Adult Care

Adult Care

Adult Brief, Adult Nappy, Disposable Sheet,
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Feminine Care

Feminine Care

Sanitary Napkin, Female Pull-Up Pant, Nursing Pad
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Medical Care

Medical Care

Nitrile Glove
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Packaging Design

  • Polybag, Color Box, Carton Artwork
  • Bag, Box, Carton Shape
  • Piece/Count

Product Appearance

  • Front Sticker
  • Back Sheet

Product Absorbent Core

  • Wood Pulp + SAP
  • Ultra-Thin

Product Structure

  • Topsheet Embossing
  • ADL 
  • Leackage Guard
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Magic Tape

Packing & Shipping

  • Fully automatic packing machine, packing speed
  • Semi-automatic combination, compact packaging effect
  • Color box automatic sealing machine, automated coding, and easy box traceability
  • Outer boxes stacked on pallets, film protection paper, inbound information card, inner protection, safety
  • Warehouse management with multiple warehouses to meet demand, demand



Yes we do. We can offer our current product as sample for the customers as reference

We are Manufacturer and Trading Combo.

Yes, we can do simple package design for customer. As well as simple backsheet artwork.

The MOQ is 300K Pieces/Size. Although the MOQ for package material might need to be evaluated.

Yes, we have a professional R&D team with 20+ Engineers. They also participated in the National Standard draft in personal care industry.

  • The wood pulp products are more popular in Europe and the North America, and the product is thicker.
  • The Ultra-Thin product are more popular in Asia, and the product is thinner with strong performance.
  • Fully certificated, including ISO family, FSC, C-TPAT, SMETA, OEKO-TEK, etc,.
  • Implementing quality control with 5S method in manufacturing management.
  • Internal workflow established for Operators and Engineers to monitor the product design and manufacturing process. Therefore, continuous improvement can be focused on and supported with Kaizen method.
  • Instruments and labs fully equipped for R&D, Raw Material, and Final Products Inspection Team.

It would be around 35 days for new order once the product and package design are set.

We chose Fortune Global 500 as our supplier such as BSF, Sumitomo, TORAY, SHOKUBAI, LYCRA, ZUIKO, Henkel, Weyerhaeuser, 3M, etc.

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