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Winsun Enter Indonesia and Built Overseas Factory

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On March 12, 2022, Guangdong Winsun Personal Care Products Co., Ltd. (after this referred to as “Winsun”) and Shanghai MAKUKU E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (after this referred to as “MAKUKU”) held a signing ceremony. The two sides have agreed on the upcoming joint venture to build a diaper factory in Indonesia.


Since 2018, the birth rate of China’s population has dropped by 15%-20% every year. Today, the number of babies using diapers in mainland China is less than 50% of 2018’s. Even though, with the substantial rise of domestic diaper products and brands, consumers are more accepting of domestic diapers. However, the homogeneous competition has become more intense, making the domestic diaper market appear oversaturated. Getting out of the predicament and blazing a new path has become a problem that Winsun, who has 16 years of experience in making diapers, is seriously thinking about.

By chance, Su Yiqiang, chairman of Winsun, met Jiang Zhengzhen, the founder and CEO of MAKUKU. Through communication, Mr. Su found that the concepts of the two sides are exceptionally compatible and can complement each other perfectly in the professional field.

WINSUN’s Advantage

Winsun is very mature in the manufacturing field. In particular, it has a robust supply chain, manufacturing, and R&D capabilities. Since its development in 2005, it has had nearly 1,000 employees and has successfully built an advanced production base of about 300,000 square meters and an independent R&D center. At the same time, Winsun has registered more than 90 patents, and the annual production capacity of high-quality diapers is as high as 3.6 billion pieces.

Su Yiqiang, Chairman of Winsun, delivered a speech

MAKUKU’s Advantage

On the other hand, MAKUKU has intense domestic and overseas channels and operational capabilities in maternal and infant home furnishing and is an essential member of the Beach Group. Beach Group is a rapidly developing large-scale comprehensive business group whose business covers technology, logistics, e-commerce, lifestyle, building materials, and other fields. It has many subsidiaries such as J&T Express, OPPO, FULLMOON, and more. Its business covers Southeast Asia, East Asia, America, the Middle East, and other regions.

Jiang Zhengzhen, founder and CEO of MAKUKU, delivered a speech.

With a strong background, MAKUKU set up 28 branches in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Middle East in just one year. It has over 1,000 employees worldwide, more than 1,000 agents, more than 4,000 sales outlets in China, more than 30 self-owned stores in Indonesia, and established cooperative relations with various big-box stories.


The strategic cooperation between Winsun and MAKUKU to build a diaper factory in Indonesia is a strong alliance with complementary resources. Because Indonesia is the fourth most populous country globally, with nearly 270 million, its birth rate is as high as 18.4‰. Therefore, the market for mothers and babies is enormous.

However, to make the brand more substantial and extensive, a broad market, a strong operation team, and a mature manufacturing plant are indispensable. Therefore, only by interlocking with each other can we promote Chinese-made products to the world faster and better!

Let’s wish Winsun and MAKUKU work together to create the future. Deepen friendship in cooperation, share success in win-win, and realize the dream of “Made in China, Create the world” together!

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Hi, I’m Simon Gong, the funder of I’ve been running a factory in China that makes Baby Diaper for two years now. The purpose of this article is to share the knowledge related to diapers from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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