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Four Kinds of Product You Should Procure from Winsun Personal Care

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About Winsun(Direct to About Winsun Page)

Guangdong Winsun Personal Care Products Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trading combo with a strong R&D, OEM, and design team specializing in baby & adult care and the feminine & medical care field. Winsun was founded in 2005, and now it has more than 1000 employees and two production bases in China.

1. Baby Care Products

We produce more than 2.5 billion pieces of diapers and pull-up pants each year. Soft, breathable, and fast-absorbing diapers help parents care for their little ones. So let your baby explore the new world comfortably and grow up happily. Here are the reasons you should procure baby care products from Winsun.


We offer our own branded diaper and training pant products, Dress, O-SleepBaby, and Infants の Ichiban, which are hot selling in the Chinese domestic market and trending in the SouthEast Asian market. In addition, customized OEM or ODM services are also available. Furthermore, we supply many famous brands, including Chicco, Dodie, Lelch, BabyCare, and Millie Moon, in the Chinese and North American Market.


Before the product leaves the factory, 473 tests and 1893 sample data must be implemented and collected, such as durability test, capacity test, intelligent online test, gas chromatography analysis test, and 72-hour microbiological test. We use standardized and systematic rigorous testing to ensure product development and quality.


The patented core structure effectively directs surface urine downwards. It uses a hybrid system to quickly absorb and lock in the liquid, keeping the surface dry and the delicate skin of your baby’s bottom free from irritation and damage.

2. Feminine Care Products

Our products help women have comfortable and precise care that keeps up with their active lifestyle during the menstrual cycle, especially on heavy flow days. Here are three reasons you should procure feminine care products from Winsun.


We offer our own branded sanitary napkin products, Inbonz and XD, and they are hot selling in the Chinese domestic market. We also provide customized OEM or ODM services. Furthermore, we supply many famous brands domestically. Including YUNNAN BAIYAO, Melaleuca, KLINIC, KEDGE, and Declare Love, which are trendy in e-commerce in the Chinese and Southeast Asian Markets.


We produce various sizes and functions to meet different absorption amounts and application scenarios.

  • Menstrual Pads
  • Daily Liners
  • Period Panties


Made with breathable sheets and a rapid-absorbing core to help lock away liquid and alleviate unpleasant odors. Soft material provides fit, security, and comfort.

The precise absorption analysis proves our product provides customers comfort and confidence in every use.

3. Adult Care Products

Incontinence is a growing issue faced by an aging population. Incontinence can develop from an occasional leak to a chronic and embarrassing condition that affects self-esteem and living freely. We offer comprehensive solutions that help people in their daily lives.


We offer our own branded incontinence products tailored to people with demand. In addition, customized OEM or ODM services are also available.


We offer incontinence products, including adult briefs (adult diapers), underwear, incontinence pads, and other varieties. Our adult care products are CE certificated.

Based on various scenarios, we can provide the right products to help users or healthcare professionals with the most practical support for a better quality of life.

4. Medical Care Products

In response to the global demand for COVID-19 epidemic prevention in 2020, we have extended our expertise to launch personal protective equipment development and production rapidly. Including various face masks, such as Medical Face Mask Type IIR, Surgical Face Mask 510K Level 1, 2, and 3, FFP2, KN95, and other epidemic prevention products. We also manufacture the masks’ raw materials (melt-blown and spun-bond non-woven).


Our daily production capacity reaches 10 million disposable face masks and more than 5 million folding masks.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • CE Mask
  • FDA 510k
  • Export white-list


We offer various types of face masks to fit the needs in different markets.

  • Particle Filter Half Mask (KN95/FFP2)
  • Disposable Hygiene Face Mask (GB32610)
  • Disposable Medical Face Mask (Type IIR, 510K Level 1, 2, and 3, GB2626)
  • Disposable Face Mask for Kids (Type IIR)


Our workshop meets the standards of the Class 100,000 GMP purification. Dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles are all strictly controlled.

The core raw materials, including melt-blown and spun-bond, are produced in-house. As a result, we can fully control the quality and performance of each component of the final product.

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